Iceland is a paradise for photographers.  The motives and natural wonders all around the country are almost infinitive. But apart from the motives, there are also other important factors involved.

Capturing Hjálparfoss waterfall

Glaciers are a fascinating part of the Icelandic landscape.  Glaciers and Glacier tongues are often in such proximity to inhabited areas that they are an inseparable part of daily life.

​The interesting thing about glaciers

Few places that are popular tourist attractions in Iceland are photographed more than Seljalandsfoss waterfall. There are many reasons as anyone can see by doing a image search on Google. To begin with it is without doubt a beautiful waterfall and an astonishing creation of nature. It is located by the Ring Road in Iceland and is easily accessible for anyone who has a car.

Best time to photograph Seljalandsfoss

If you are traveling to Iceland, bear in mind that it is a perfect place to find peace and quiet. Even though you are driving the Ring Road, you can always find a peaceful place in the grass by a small river or a waterfall for a picnic. Your trip to Iceland should energize you with relaxation and a peaceful mind. There is never a need to hurry. If you can’t cover what you intended, just come back later. Neither nature nor the volcanoes are going anywhere. Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) has been for a long time a favorite place among Icelanders.

For a long time a favorite place among Icelanders