The farm Hraun í Öxnadal in the North Region in Iceland has a special place in every Icelanders heart. It is the birthplace of Jónas Hallgrímsson one of our most admired poets. When you drive by the farm, it is not difficult to understand how the spectacular landscape inspired Jónas in is youth. The landscape and the surrounding area is probably the reason he became a natural scientist and a poet. The farm is right on the Ring Road just before entering the town of Akureyri driving from Reykjavík and is hard to miss.

The farm Hraun í Öxnadal in the North Region

In recent centuries, eruptions have hit Iceland in large numbers. In most eruptions, a vast amount of lava comes to the surface and changes the landscape dramatically. Among the most spectacular formations of lava in Iceland is at Dimmuborgir, by the east shore of the lake Myvatn. It is a very impressive sight to walk in Dimmuborgir and experience the almost artistic formation that occurred about two thousand and tree hundred years ago.

It is a very impressive sight to walk in Dimmuborgir

There are places in Iceland, other than our famous and highly impressive Geysir, where visitors can see hot springs boiling and hear them screaming. It is an awesome experience to see the clay boiling in a hole of many colors right in front of you. One of those places is Námaskarð in the North Region east of Mývatn. It is easy to access since it is only a minute from the Ring Road and almost impossible to miss.

Námaskarð in the North Region east of Mývatn

One of the most isolated and remote villages in Iceland is Raufarhöfn, located on the east side of Melrakkaslétta in the Northern Region in Iceland. Fishing and fish processing has always been the most important means of income for most residents and still is. The church has also had an important role in a community the see has taken its toll throughout history.

Raufarhöfn is an isolated and remote village in Iceland
Jenný Lára is a young actress/director who walks an untrodden path to realize her dreams

Three years ago, Jenný Lára graduated as an actress and director from the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Every year quite a number of young Icelanders complete their education in dramatic arts abroad, most often in London. Some choose to stay, some to return home. Jenny Lára chose to return to Iceland immediately after graduating. Back home to an extremely competitive market. Back home, to reap the rewards of her education and harness her creative spirit.

On the set in the highly acclaimed movie Hrútar