The name Eldborg is, in essence, a geological term that means crater.  In Iceland, about seven places are bearing this name. Usually, the name has been given to a rather large and spectacular crater that doesn't go unnoticed in the landform. This applies to Eldborg by Geitahlíð located at the Reykjanes Peninsula. Equally impressive is the crater Eldborg at the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The advantage here at Reykjanes is the easy access. Eldborg by Geitahlíð is a beautiful example of a crater that was formed in an eruption and as the outbreak stopped, and magma discontinued to flow this spectacular round form was created and molded farther by weather and winds. The height of the crater is 50 meters above sea level. When you get to the top, the inner depth is about 30 meters.  Eldborg í Geitahlíð is an excellent example of a crater, and you can walk on the rim, but caution is required.

Eldborg Reykjanes Peninsula

The small effort is worth it

When you walk up to the top, you will notice that there are a few smaller craters around Eldborg. Since this is an active volcanic area even though it has not erupted for hundreds or thousands of years, there are even a few craters nearby called small Eldborg.  When on top you will also see the lava fields that flooded from the crater and although not a very large hill the view is quite spectacular.  You have a good view of the Sveifluháls mountain ridge to the west and the shore at Reykjanes Peninsula to the south.  It is a great place to get an overview of the forces that form the land and how they interact.  The crater is also a spectacular creation and an excellent spot to take interesting photos although you might need a wide angle to capture the inside of the crater when on top. 

Finding your way to Eldborg í Geitahlíð

The best way to find Eldborg í Geitahlíð is to drive to Kleifarvatn lake on Road Krýsuvíkurleið Nr. 42 from Reykjavík towards the main road by the south shore. When you are almost at the intersection of Road 42 and Road Strandarvegur Nr. 427 you take a turn to Eldborg.  It might be best to park the car by the asphalt road as the gravel road is a tough 4X4 road. The distance to Eldborg from the asphalt road is quite short.

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Below is the location of Eldborgir / Eldborg on the map of Iceland

Eldborg crater Reykjanes Peninsular

On May 2rd 1943 a B-24 Liberator bomber in the US Air Force, Hot Stuff, crashed into the mountain Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.  It was one of many aircraft accidents in Iceland during WWII but an exceptionally tragic one.  All members of the plane were killed in the crash except one.

Monument dedicated to honoring those on the B-24 when it crashed


Reykjanes Peninsula is the place in Iceland where most visitors arrive, it is the home of the International Airport in Keflavík.  Apart from the Blue Lagoon many of the most popular attraction in Iceland are in other Regions.  Reykjanes peninsula, on the other hand, has many exciting attractions and fascinating natural wonders.  Landscape attractions accessible by car less than hours drive from Reykjavík. There are also many interesting hiking trails and moutains in Reykjanes Peninsula.

Spákonuvatn a small shallow lake

The beautiful small lake, Spákonuvatn (The Fortunetellers lake), is south of the mountain Trölladyngja; a mountain everyone who arrives via the airport in Keflavík will see when driving to Reykjavík. The small lake is surrounded by geological wonders like Sogið. Although a short distance for Reykjavík and Reykjanesbær town it is place few people visit, so you can expcet a quite and peacful time visiting Spákonuvant. There are also interesting spots to visit nearby like Lambafellsgjá fissure, Keilir mountain and Djúpavatn lake. It is part of the backland and "wilderness" at Reykjanes Peninsula.

Finding Spákonuvatn

The road to Trölladyngja and Spákonuvatn is midways between Keflavík and Reykjavík marked Keilir.  It is a perfect place for comfortable hiking in wonderful colorful surroundings, not far away from the city.  Many of these places you can visit are covered on our web page like Lambafellsgjá and Trölladyngja.

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Below is the location of Spákonuvatn on the map of Iceland

Reykjanes Peninsula tour

Iceland Holidays

A road trip in Iceland is something you should consider if you plan to visit Iceland. For a vacation a road trip is one of the best options if you want to see some of the famous natural wonders.  Most of the visitors want to see waterfalls, hot springs, lagoons, canyons, mountains, fjords, northern lights or other captivating things in the Icelandic nature.  If you are well prepared, you will most likely enjoy your trip enormously. You might also want to know what kind of car you should rent?

Select the Road Trip that fits you holiday plan and vacation in Iceland

There are just so many things to see and so many places to visit when planing holidays in Iceland. Unfortunately, some of our visitors do not prepare but arrive without a plan.  Without an idea what they are going to do and where they are going.  Even those who are prepared, sometimes prepare for a place that is not accessible because of the weather or time of year. We can not emphasize often enough that a good preparation and a good plan is essential for an enjoyable trip in Iceland. You should understand when is the best time to visit Iceland and also the worst when you plan a trip to Iceland. On this page, we have written about and planned some of the most interesting driving tours and self-drive you can take to make your stay as wonderful as possible. What we have in mind is the time it takes and giving you the best chance to visit as many natural wonders as possible.


You should just dive into the road trips and plan and determine which will fit into your schedule, but fist you should ask...

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On the road to Krýsuvík, you will pass the beautiful geothermal area at Seltún. The main area is a fascinating hot spring field to the southwest, recognizable by the mud pools and steaming ground. Through the steam, you'll notice the yellow, green and red-orange colors, as well as the white and brown colors of the sulfates. The sulfates dissolve in water and become mottled. Thus, when it rains they disappear altogether, leaving only the bright yellow, green and red colors of the sulfur. It is a mythical sight to see.

A source for green power production?

In the mid-20th century, there were plans to utilize the geothermal field for power production, and Seltún then became one of the main drilling targets. Old drill pads are still in situ near the path along the creek.  During the winter of 2010, one of the boreholes started erupting intermittently with a few days between the eruptions. Another old drilling well blew up in 1999 forming a crater of approximately 30 diameters, now filled with mud except where a flow of steam keeps the boiling pits open. The explosion debris covers the surrounding slope like a carpet of yellowish mud up to about 100 meters.

Access is easy by the road

Walking the easy planks and steps through the area is quite an experience. Climbing to the top platform is a must. The view from this living, breathing corner of the earth is simply stunning.  To access you take a turn south from the main road between Reykjavík and The International airport at Keflavík, by the Aluminum Plant on Road Nr. 42. After about 20 kilometers you will arrive at Seltún.  Seltún is also part of the one day Road Trip around the Reykjanes Peninsula we recommend if you have a day in the capital Reykjavík. By taking that road trip you can see and discover many other magnificent places. 

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Below is the location of Seltún on the map of Iceland

On the road to Krýsuvík, you will pass the beautiful solfatara field at Seltún.

When you visit the Reykjanes Lighthouse, allow yourself enough time to roam the area. First of all, it will be worth your while to follow a trail to reach the spectacular shoreline along the cliffs. Opposite the lighthouse, you will most certainly want to embark on the easy climb to the top of Valahnjúkur cliff. When there you can lie down on the brink to enjoy the sight of the powerful Atlantic waves breaking on the sheer cliffs. It is a dizzying experience.

Eldey island the mighty rock in the Ocean

Ten miles off the coast you will find and see Eldey island rock, a small island, covering about three hectares and rising to a height of 77 meters. These sheer cliffs are home to a large number of birds.  Indeed, it is one of the largest northern gannet colonies in the world with around 16.000 pairs.

The disappearance of the great auk

The island formerly supported a large population of great auk after they moved there from Geirfuglasker following a volcanic eruption in 1830. When the colony was discovered in 1835, nearly fifty birds were counted. Museums, desiring the skins of the great auk for preservation and display, quickly began collecting birds from the colony. The last pair found incubating an egg, were killed there in July 1844.


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Below is the location of Eldey island on the map of Iceland

Eldey island

Garður village by on the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula is a wonderful place to visit if you plan to travel to Iceland.  Located right by the International airport access is easy.

The church at Garður village