Reynisfjara Beach has in recent years become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. And for a reason as the spectacular beach has a lot to offer.  It is a beautiful black beach stretching on a three-kilometer reef to the west from the parking lot by the service center.  With the Atlantic Ocean on the south side and Dyrhólaós lagoon on the northern side.  The large black pebble beach, consisting of black sand and pebbles, is a joy to view and by taking a short walk along the reef, you can find a peaceful spot and face the breeze from the Atlantic ocean even when the beach is floating with people.  From the easternmost part of Reynisfjara beach, you have a great view of the spectacular Reynisdrangar basalt stacks right off the shore. 

A place with spectacular view in any direction

While viewing the stacks you also have one of the most spectacular basalt column formations in Iceland right in front of you.  A place that one could almost believe was designed thousands of years ago with selfies on a phone camera in mind.  On a good clear day, even the view from the beach to the north is spectacular, to the mountains and the glacier Mýrdalsjökull.  And also to the west where another spectacular natural wonder Dyrhólaey, the southernmost part of Iceland, stretches out to the Atlantic ocean.

A place where forces of nature have fought their battles for thousands of years

Although a beautiful place of natural wonders it is also a meeting place of natural forces. Throughout the centuries and even thousands of years, and day by day, the Atlantic Ocean attacks the land and bit by bit takes part from and reshapes the beach, cliffs, and stacks. Everyone must remember that although the waves might look innocent, they are very powerful and sometimes highly dangerous. A caution is needed, especially when the tide is high and the winds are strong.  We also must remember that the waves are not equal in size. Every 14th to 20th wave from the Atlantic ocean is considerably larger the other waves and floods farther up on the beach.  The waves are very deceiving and everyone needs to take care and risk taking is not recommended.

Access is quite straight forward and easy

Like many natural wonders in Iceland access is simple from the Ring Road Nr. 1. It is located on the south shore west of the small village of Vík.  When traveling from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland you take a turn south on the road Reynishverfisvegur Nr. 215 and drive approximately 6 kilometers. This is the only road to Reynisfjara beach, and you can not access this place from the village Vík.

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Below is the location of Reynisfjara on the map of Iceland

Reynisfjara Beach has in recent years become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland

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