Camping and hiking in Iceland are among the great options for people planning a vacation, a trip, a drive along the coastline or a road trip to Iceland.

Camping and hiking in Iceland

If you are trying to figure out how to plan an exciting vacation, Iceland should be on your list. It has many interesting places to visit. But although there are many reasons you should visit Iceland, the country that many think of as exotic, you should plan before you take a decision.  And you should seriously consider one or two of the many road trips you can drive to enjoy the various natural wonders.

Most roads are relatively easy to drive although caution is required and slow driving recommended

The Westfjords is the northwest part of Iceland that sticks out like a head of an animal.  It is the place that offers the most spectacular scenic drive in the country with its many fjords, impressive cliffs, spectacular colorful beaches, high mountains with steep slopes, rivers, mountain passes with rolling mountains, waterfalls, birdlife and geothermal pools, to name some of the most spectacular attractions.  In the flora of natural wonders, it is more like a stand-alone natural wonder with many ingredients rather than a place where you d

Westfjords Road Trip in Iceland is the perfect scenic drive

The Westfjords in Iceland are famous for the spectacular scenic drive in and out fjords and up and down mountain roads with many natural wonders included. It is often considered one of the most interesting road trips in Iceland.  One of the advantages driving the Westfjords in Iceland are the geothermal pools that pop up here and there by the road almost unexpectedly.  The pools are a perfect place to stop and dip into the warm water. Some of them are natural pools out in nature where you can enjoy the spectacular landscape while bathing and relaxing.

One of the advantages driving the Westfjords in Iceland are the geothermal pools

When discussing driving plans or road trips or planning any driving tour in Iceland, there is a striking difference between Icelanders and visitors.  For decades, even centuries, Icelanders have referred to places in the landscape by name. Everything has a name. This is also true when we talk about roads.  Every road in Iceland has a name and Icelanders use that name when talking about their summer tour and when planning a driving tour.  Although many visitors are familiar with the term Ring Road which Icelanders call Hringvegurin, most af them talk about Road Nr. 1

This summer we met a young man from France, cycling over the Highland. We met him at Versalir in the middle of the road Sprengisandur or Sprengisandsleið.

Reykjanes Peninsula tour

Iceland Holidays

A road trip in Iceland is something you should consider if you plan to visit Iceland. For a vacation a road trip is one of the best options if you want to see some of the famous natural wonders.  Most of the visitors want to see waterfalls, hot springs, lagoons, canyons, mountains, fjords, northern lights or other captivating things in the Icelandic nature.  If you are well prepared, you will most likely enjoy your trip enormously. You might also want to know what kind of car you should rent?

Select the Road Trip that fits you holiday plan and vacation in Iceland

There are just so many things to see and so many places to visit when planing holidays in Iceland. Unfortunately, some of our visitors do not prepare but arrive without a plan.  Without an idea what they are going to do and where they are going.  Even those who are prepared, sometimes prepare for a place that is not accessible because of the weather or time of year. We can not emphasize often enough that a good preparation and a good plan is essential for an enjoyable trip in Iceland. You should understand when is the best time to visit Iceland and also the worst when you plan a trip to Iceland. On this page, we have written about and planned some of the most interesting driving tours and self-drive you can take to make your stay as wonderful as possible. What we have in mind is the time it takes and giving you the best chance to visit as many natural wonders as possible.


You should just dive into the road trips and plan and determine which will fit into your schedule, but fist you should ask...

Read this important article before you choose a car.

Rent a car in Iceland

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The waterfall Nýifoss or “New waterfall” is actually quite new.  Sometimes referred to as Leynifoss or  The Confidential Waterfall. According to geologists, the waterfall was formed in 1939 when the lake Hagavatna decreased substantially due to the glacial flood coming from under the glacier Langjokull. In the period between 1929 and 1939, the lake Hagavatn changed dramatically, and a part of its eastern side collapsed, burst in the glacial flood and gave way to the water.  Consequently, the water level lowered in the lake and the waterfall Nýifoss was born.  Although Nýifoss is hardly one of our most beautiful waterfalls, it is an interesting one.  Probably because it is quite different than most waterfalls people like to visit.

Different things about Nýifoss compared to many other waterfalls

In addition to being quite, new Nýifoss is located in a sandy gray landscape. A large area around the waterfall and lake Hagavatn is almost without any vegetation.  On the northern side is the southern edge of the glacier Langjökull.  On all other sides is either sand or raw lava.  Because the water is 100% glacial water it is colored with mud, clay, dirt and all kinds of soil that the melting ice carries from under the glacier.  The whole surrounding is like being in a desert or on the moon, but with a lot of water. 

Access is not easy and requires a 4WD of the larger kind

Nýifoss is not far away from Gullfoss, sometimes referred to as Iceland's most spectacular waterfall.  If you continue north on Kjalvegur Nr. 35 from Gullfoss you drive 10 kilometers and you will come to a left turn (west) to Hagavatnsvegur Nr. F35. This road like many F roads in Iceland, mountain roads, require a well equipped 4X4 vehicle. We recommend that you stop in the parking lot in front of the waterfall and walk the last few hundred meters up the track by the waterfall.  There is no point in driving up the steep and difficult part of the track up to the lake.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Nýifoss or Leynifoss on the map of Iceland

The waterfall Nýifoss or “New waterfall” is actually quite new.

If you are looking for an exciting drive or a tour in Iceland where you can comfortably drive and see the magnificent landscape and beautiful natural wonders, astonishing small villages and places with entertaining stories, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula Drive is an excellent option.  Especially, if you have your own car, a camper or a rental a car.

The many reasons why you should drive the Snæfellsnes Peninsula on you trip to Iceland