At some point in your life, you want to fill you head with peace. You want a peace of mind. There are places in the Icelandic Highland that are still calm and quiet, and few people visit. The only sound is a small stream and songs from birds; places that put you in a relaxed mode. One such place is the wonderful world of unusual lava formation at Skælingar.  A place where everything is calm and quiet but yet a place that looks strange and exotic.  It is a place where you can easily come to the conclusion that elves or creatures of another dimension actually exist, and you don't want to disturb them.

Skælingar was at one point a farm

Although Skælingar is now part of the uninhabitable Icelandic Highland, it was a farm "up in the Morse" in the centuries following the settlement. That was also before the devastating eruption Skaftáreldar that changed this area dramatically in 1783 and 1784. It is a part of the fascinating Eldgjá area.  In Skælingar there is an old cabin that ones belonged to the farmers in this part of Iceland. One of many such cabins in Iceland that were used in the autumn in the sheep round-up, when farmers collected sheep from the Highland.  It now belongs to the outdoor life association Útivist and is part of one of their hiking trails.

The interesting lava formation

During an eruption, the lava that floods to the surface can take on many forms. The lava also changes in the years, decades and centuries that follow. In Iceland, lava from various eruptions around the country throughout the geological history is visible almost everywhere. Most of the lava today is covered with moss. This company between lava and moss can form a beautiful combination as we can so easily see in Skælingar. For photographers, it is also interesting to know that there is quite a difference in the moss color after a dry week and a rainy week. The most exciting time to photograph moss in Iceland is on a sunny day after a few days of rain.

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Below is the location of Skælingar on the map of Iceland

There are places in the Icelandic Highland that are still calm and quiet, and few people visit.