The crater Tjarnargígur or Pond Crater is one of many craters created in the infamous 1783 - 1784 eruption Skaftáreldar in Iceland. The row of craters stretches over an area of 25 kilometers. Because of the young geological age of Tjarnargígur, the whole area around the crater is very sensitive consisting mostly of lava and moss.  Although there are many craters at Lakagígar, Tjarnargígur is one of the most impressive. One of the reasons is the water that forms a small pond within the crater.  The water is pristine and because of the small diameter and the 12 meter depth the pound has a beautiful turquoise color, at least on a clear day.  Consequently, the crater Tjarnargígur is quite photogenic and worth it to visit if you decide to take the driving tour to Lakagígar and Laki.

One of the most impressive natural wonders in the Highland

Lakagígar, The Laki Craters, is located int the middle of the Icelandic Highland. Like all places in the Highland, it is only open part of the year. Usually, the road opens late June or in the first two weeks of July depending on how fast the road dries up after the snow melts during spring. Most of the interesting places around Tjarnargígur and other craters were created in the Skaftáreldar eruption.  There is a parking lot by Tjarnargígur with excellent facilities to stop and have a picnic.  By the crater there are two interesting walking paths; one around the pound and another, a bit longer, in the lava. Both have a mystical atmosphere as the whole surrounding along the way is unusual, due to the peace and quiet while walking through a lava covered with thick moss.

Access is not easy and requires a 4WD vehicle

The crater Tjarnargígur is located approximately 6 kilometers west of Laki crater and mountain.  To drive to Laki and Tjarnargígur is a rugged, difficult road with many rivers to cross, and only fit for a good 4WD. It also requires a lot of patience as your average speed the whole 40 kilometers is probably under 30 kilometers per. hour.  The same applies for the drive back. You start you drive by turning north on the Ring Road Nr. 1 on the south shore near the small village of Kirkjubærjarklaustur. Here you turn to Holtsvegur Road Nr. 206. After driving just two kilometers, you turn north again to the Lakavegur Highland Road Nr. F206.  When you reach Laki, you turn west on the Highland Road F207 to go to Tjarnargígur. 

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Tjarnargígur on the map of Iceland

The crater Tjarnargígur or Pond Crater is one of many craters created in the infamous 1783 - 1784 eruption Skaftáreldar in Iceland.