Unlike most towns and villages around the coast in Iceland, Súðavík was always more of an agricultural area.  Throughout the centuries until the late 19th century the area consisted mostly of farms and in the middle of that century it had 21 farms, and small estates and no cluster of houses were visible.  But then again, land for agriculture is limited in the West Fjords, and fishing grounds we

Súðavík is a small village in the West Fjords in Iceland

Ísafjörður is the center town of the West Fjords in Iceland. It is also the largest town in the Westfjords, with a 2016 population of 3.623 people. Like many of the towns and villages around the coastline in Iceland, Ísafjörður was mentioned in the Book of Settlement; that, of course, is huge in Iceland.

Ísafjörður is the largest and a center town in the West Fjords in Iceland