Lómagnúpur is one of those landmarks on the Ring road that people love to photograph. It is not far from the glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón. Like so many other interesting things in the Icelandic landscape, Lómagnúpur changes when the weather changes. When we were traveling by the mountain the other day, everything was perfect for a photo shoot, except the cloud. Although we waited for two hours for a clear view, the mountain was not prepared to clear the fog and the cloud that hung over it. So in the end this was the best we could do.

Lómagnúpur, a landmark on the Ring Road

One could assume that waterfalls are the most popular sights people like to see and photograph when traveling. That is quite fortunate for Iceland since it has a countless number of waterfalls. There is water everywhere traveling from the mountains to the shore, starting in small creeks and ending its journey in large rivers. In recent years, we have seen traffic increase between years at our most popular waterfalls. The stunning Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Goðafoss and Skógarfoss among the most popular.

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country

Although we have been to the lagoon Jökulsárlón in the South Region in Iceland to take photos dozens of times, we continue to enjoy our visit every single time. It is truly a remarkable and almost magical place that changes almost from one hour to the next. The view never stays the same. Not only does the weather and the surrounding landscape affect the outcome every time but also the amount of icebergs moving in the lagoon. At one time in the fall a few years back, the whole lagoon was empty. It was a strange sight.

The view never stays the same at Jökulsárlón

The mountain Hekla is the most active volcano in Iceland’s modern history. The most recent eruption was in 2000 and a number of eruptions in the last century. Today geologists maintain and predict that the volcano is due, and will erupt quite soon or even very soon. Translating the geologists terminology, it means within days, weeks, months, years and possibly decades, but very soon.

The mountain Hekla is an active volcano

Iceland is a fortunate country loaded with fascinating natural sources. Maybe not oil, diamonds, gold or valuable minerals, but almost endless resources of water. There is cold water, clean water, rivers and lakes. There are also vast underground fresh water streams that float out to the ocean every hour of the day. Iceland also has warm water and boiling water in the ground that we use to heat our homes. Water is everywhere and probably the most valuable resources that we have. A report was put to gather on our water supplies a few years back.

A country loaded with fascinating natural sources