Hit Iceland organize quality custom-made private tours. Tours that take you to famous sites and popular attractions, as well as places that few people visit or even know about. It all depends on your wishes and interests.

As an example, a day tour for a full day (10 - 12 hours) is ISK 140.000 ($1.150 or EUR1.000 January 2019 exchange rate).
Included is a brand new modified 4x4 Toyota Lan Cruiser (2019 model) spacious and convenient for four passengers and luggage. A vehicle that is fit for all roads in Iceland, including the F roads or highland roads, during summer. Fuel for the whole tour.  A highly knowledgeable and experienced driver guide that will inform you about geology, entertaining stories from the history of Iceland, the Sagas and much more as we drive between exciting places. Stop at 5 to 7 natural wonders of various kinds during the day.  Stops depend on the region of Iceland traveled and the distance between sites, and also if hiking is involved. If the tour stretches to more than a day, accommodation and food cost for the driverguide each day is added.

For reference and reviews, we refer to our popular and highly appreciated Landmannalaugar tour. For more information about your tour guide, we refer to information about Einar Páll Svavarsson on our website.

Let us organize a different and unforgettable tour in Iceland.  We drive and inform while all passengers enjoy the scenic landscape, stories, and many natural wonders. Contact us at info@hiticeland.com

A private tour to Stuðlagil Canyon

The people at Hit Iceland are among the most experienced travelers in Iceland. And we always find something interesting whether you are traveling as a family, school group, friends, photographers, or just as a group of people interested in exploring Iceland.

Ófærufoss waterfall in the Icelandic highland

Our specialty is natural wonders and exciting places in Icelandic nature and places of historical and geological importance. It's all about the real and raw Icelandic nature. We connect to the sagas, the settlement, geology, eruptions, history, the people, folklore, and the development of Iceland as a country. We organize tours that give you experience and insight. Experience and knowledge come first.

Some places are a surprise

A short tour, a day tour, or a few days’ tour

If you are planning a short visit, Hit Iceland can organize and set up an itinerary that is different. It could be a day or even many days. A tour around the Reykjanes Peninsula, a trip to the great Landmannalaugar in the highland, or a visit to Borgarfjörður to learn about the literary giant, Snorri Sturluson, who wrote many masterpieces in medieval times. It could also be a tour to experience some of the stunning natural wonders near Reykjavík or a trip to some of the spectacular landforms in the highland in summer. It could be an intense search for the Northern Lights in winter or finding an ideal location for photography at the time of ultra clear skies of September and October. It is always an adventure.

Krísuvíkurberg in Reykjanes Peninsula

Make a long tour for one or two weeks

If you are thinking about a more extended stay, we can take you to the scenic Westfjords, a tour to places in the highland where few visit, or a historical journey at Snæfellsnes and Vatnsfjörður. Or how about the spectacular natural wonders of north-east Iceland with its vast canyon, humongous waterfalls, basalt column formations, and a visit to the horseshoe of Sleipnir, Odin's horse? You might also be interested in a camping tour to remote places in the Icelandic highland.

Jökulsárgljúfur in the North East Region has many interesting places

Enjoy the natural wonders together with a guide and a driver

If you are interested in visiting Iceland and really enjoy the most exciting places and natural wonders that few people visit, send us an inquiry with your preference. Tell us what you are looking for and the purpose of your tour.


Tell us how many you are, and we will make suggestions and organize a visit to any region in Iceland. We always include a secret location that is only revealed during the tour. We organize tours for friends, school groups, photographers, and people with historical interest, as well as tours that focus on global warming and much more.

Read the excellent reviews we got from our customers this summer in our popular Landmannalaugar summer tour.

Kerlingarfjöll in the Icelandic highland

Send us an inquiry on info@hiticeland.com