Even if your main objective when traveling in Iceland is to see natural wonders and beautiful landscape, it is also worth it to stop at some of the beautiful and charming towns and villages.  For those who are traveling by car, an obvious option is to stop at one of the many camping sites in a town or a village around the shoreline.  Most of the towns and villages offer good overall services for tourists and most of the also offer a museum or an adventure tour.   It is also common to come across a fine restaurant and a good café in most small towns and villages.

Needless to say, almost all of the communities around the shoreline are set in a stunning landscape surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Iceland has approximately 70 towns and villages around the island. Some are tiny hamlets or just a cluster of houses and barely fit into the definition of a village. Most of the towns do not have a long history, as Iceland was an agricultural society for centuries. The first indication of towns traces their beginning to a trading post or a fishing post.

Iceland has approximately 70 towns and villages around the island. This is our top 10 list.

Understandably most of our visitors in Iceland come here to see the natural wonders, waterfalls, hot springs, glacier lagoons, and other fascinating attractions. This requires a lot of traveling around the country, either in your own vehicle, a rent a car, with a tour operator or on a bus. One of the interesting things many visitors forget when organizing a trip to Iceland is to take the time to visit some of the highly attractive towns and villages around the coastline.

There are villages with a fascinating history like Fáskrúðsfjörður and Bíldudalur
Towns and villages