Eldheimar museum in Vestmannaeyjar is a new highly interesting museum, built to commemorate the event in 1973 when eruption started at the edge of this town of 5.800 inhabitants. It is a unique event in history and probably on the planet as the fissure opened practically in the small town located on a small island of Heimaey island. The evacuation of the whole town population in a few hours was unprecedented. In the museum, the story is told in a spectacular way using objects from the eruption and state of the art technology.

Eldheimar museum in Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmaneyjar is quite a unique town in Iceland. Located on a island south of Iceland it is best known for its unexpected eruption in 1973 when all inhabitants were evacuated in 24 hours. The island as well as the town is interesting and there are many reasons why people should visit this fascinating palce.

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It is almost impossible to separate the town Vestmannaeyjar, and the clusters of islands Icelanders call Vestmannaeyjar or Westman Islands.  It is a small town on a tiny island south of Iceland placed on a rock in the middle of harsh forces of the Atlantic Ocean with an active volcano underneath.