Finding a hotel, a guesthouse or suitable accommodation in Vogar is a good option for those who are planning a tour the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. It is also a great option for visitors coming to Iceland or leaving Iceland, as the International Airport is only a few kilometers from Vogar. If you plan to tour the Reykjanes Peninsula and experience the magnificent scenic drive offered in the region and visit places like Seltún, Gunnuhver, Reykjanes, and Krísuvíkurbjarg, Vogar is a good place to stay.

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Vogar Accommodation in Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

Although Iceland was an agricultural society throughout history, some areas around the coastline were fishing communities that consisted of fishing farms and fishing posts.

Street view at Vogar is a village.

The Reykjanes peninsula has five towns, all placed by the shore as each one is a former fishing town and at least two still are. The Reykjanes Peninsula is probably one of the places in Iceland most people visit as it is the home of the international airport and probably the place where most people pick up their rent a car or meet their tour guides. This area is in many ways different from the rest of the country. Tourism has always been a large part of the community since the International airport is located on the Reykjanes peninsula right by Keflavík (Reykjanesbær).  Together all of the towns and villages have convenient accommodations, camping sites, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants or cafés, swimming pools and some form of recreational activity, museums, and adventure tours.  The Reykjanes Peninsula also offers spectacular sights and natural wonders and is one of the most interesting parts of Iceland with its lava, hot springs and of course the famous Blue Lagoon.