Tálknafjörður is a relatively new village in historical terms.  There is limited history before the town started to grow in the 20th century.  It is a typical tiny village that came to exist and developed because of easily accessible fishing grounds right outside the coast and good natural conditions for a harbor.  In the late forties, a harbor was built and paved the way for a fish processing

Tálknafjörður is a small village in the West Fjords in Iceland

Patreksfjörður is a place mentioned in The Book of Settlements.  It is an ancient place and has been around since the 9th century but didn't grow into a village until the late 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century.  Because of the fishing grounds nearby, the fishing farms developed into a trading point when foreign and local entrepreneurs became interested in the fish and the fish

Patreksfjörður is a small village in the West Fjords in Iceland

Although almost hidden and rarely mentioned anywhere today, Reykhólar has quite a unique place in Iceland’s history.  For centuries, the farm Reykhólar was considered one of the most valuable estates in the country.

Reykhólar is a tiny village in the West Fjords in Iceland

In the whole Westfjord region you will find around 12 villages.  To visit all of them you need to drive a kind of circle, the Westfjord drive. If you also want to visit the tiny village Djúpavík at Strandir you need to take the Strandir road trip.  Since most of the West Fjords is a large plateau, in an uninhabitable altitude, all of the towns and villages are located on the shore.  The location of the towns and villages is also, because of the enormously fertile fishing grounds in the fjords, out by the shore. All of the towns and villages have convenient accommodation, a camping site, a gas station, a convenience store, a restaurant or a café, a swimming pool and some form of recreational activity, museums, and tours.  In the Westfjords, you will also find some of the most spectacular landscape in Iceland.  High and steep mountains that tower above you when driving the circle on the shoreline.