The bottom of the waterfall Háifoss

Jan 25 2020

This is Háifoss, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, presenting its winter coat. In the winter, the waterfall is also a sculptor changing its appearance dramatically. Building icicles and extraordinary ice forms around its home for decoration only. Tomorrow I will show you a photo of the Háifoss waterfall from below in summer. A totally different viewpoint. A totally different waterfall. A totally different experience. So even one Natural Wonder, one waterfall, can convey a different experience based on the time of visit. But remember, traveling in winter is much more complicated than in summer. Have a look at Háifoss in the summer tomorrow.⁠

Háifoss waterfall

This is Háifoss waterfall in summer. When you come to the parking lot, you see the waterfall from above. A spectacular display as the river falls into the canyon. But you can also hike down to the canyon and view the waterfall and the canyon from below. If you didn't see our photo yesterday of the Háifoss waterfall in winter, you should take a peek. ⁠